Community Council Members

We are allowed to have up to 20 members: at present we have 12. All our members are voluntary with only out of pocket expenses paid. The Community Council is elected for a 3 year period – elections were last held in October 2021. However, we can ‘co-opt’ additional members between now and the next election, and are keen to add more if anyone is interested. You just need to be on the Electoral roll for the area, be 16 or over, and be interested in the community.

Even if you don’t want to commit to being a full member, we also have sub-groups to look at at specific issues which you might want to get involved with, such as planning, or arranging events.

And we are always keen for members of the public to get in touch, if you have a concern, want to raise an issue, or just want to find out what’s happening in the area or get a bit more involved in the community.


Existing members are:

  • Karen Pratt – Chairperson & Planning Officer
  • Louise Simmons – Vice Chair
  • Isobyl McLeod – Secretary
  • Stella Adam – Treasurer
  • Jane Adam – Licensing Officer
  • Keith Bannerman
  • Shelagh Melvin
  • Jennie Miller
  • Jacqueline Ross
  • George Saunders
  • Fran Small
  • Helen Young